Sunday, August 16, 2020

The Homeschool Planner - PDF Digital Download in 3 Designs!

 I'm very excited to introduce my first Homeschool Planner!  This planner has been requested many times and I've finally put together a planner that can help homeschool families plan their school year.  Many families will be learning virtually this year as well and this is a great tool to help you keep everything organized!  Visit my shop to purchase this download now!

Read on for more photos, sample and information about all of the printable homeschool inserts I have in my shop!  [ This item will be updated each school year! ]

This planner, like the Teacher Planner, is available in 3 designs- Apple, Lots of Dots and Pencil.  Each design is sold separately due to file size limits on the listing so be sure to check which design you're purchasing at checkout.

This planner is a PDF and is formatted to print on Letter Size paper.  You can resize pages using your print settings.  The file is in order and ready for 2-sided printing, but you will need to adjust your printer settings accordingly.

Many homeschool parents contacted me over the past 3 years asking for a version of the Teacher Planner that would work for homeschool.  Many of the pages did not apply so I cut those out and placed the Lesson Planner spreads after each month instead of in their own section.  This gives the planner a nice monthly flow that I think will work well for everyone.

I'm going to give a sample of the pages for all 3 designs, but keep in mind each design has its own listing and the photos on the listings can be zoomed.

* What's Included in Your Planner?

Each planner includes a cover, back cover and optional binder spine (for the clear pocket on the side of a view pocket binder.)  

Weekly schedule so you can create your typical week time blocks and keep it front and center to refer to.  

Year on 2 pages, a 12 space planner and a 12 month theme planner.

Monthly calendars and lesson planner spreads along with some lined notes pages.

And a notes section at the back that includes both lined and grid pages.

Bonus blank checklist, daily planner page and weekly planner spread (both undated.)

This is the basic layout of the planner, but let's go through each section, the bonus items and other related items in my shop!

1.  Your Weekly Schedule

The planner starts out with a weekly schedule planner so you can map out your typical time blocks and refer to it easily.  This page runs Monday-Friday.

2.  Yearly Planning Pages

The yearly section starts with a Year-on-2-pages (it's actually 18 months) for the last half of this year and all of next year.  I was able to fit in a blank notes section if you want to jot anything down.  I like to use transparent dot stickers to color code and use that space to create a key.

I swapped the Birthdays pages from the Teacher Planner with a 12 space planner.  This can be used for each month, subjects, notes or any other planning.  I wanted to make this flexible to suit everyone's needs.

This is a fun spread to use for planning monthly themes and unit studies.  I've also includes a notes page to the left to jot down any details about your curriculum (what you're using, where it came from, how much you spent?)

3.  Monthly Calendar Spreads with Monthly Tabs

This two month spread has a condensed weekend to give you more planning space for the month.  The calendars run Monday-Sunday and include light guidelines to help you write neatly.  Space for a list, goals, theme and notes are also included.

Each month has a patterned divider page with a checklist on the opposite page.  Printable divider tabs are also included.  You can read more about how I assemble my divider tabs here.  You can also use your own stick on tabs.

The calendar colors alternate so each month looks a little different!  The days of the week colors are consistent, but the month header and months ahead will match their tab colors.

4.  Lesson Planner Spreads

Following each month you will have 4-5 weeks of lesson planner spreads.  The planner runs Monday-Friday down the left side and has 7 spaces for subjects at the top.  If you need additional pages or if you need to change plans you can always print new pages.  I've included a lesson planner fill page file separately for your convenience.

The boxes are lined with an alternating light/dark color and each space is approximately 1.93" H x 1.82" W.

5.  Notes Section

Each planner design comes with it's unique lined and grid notes page designs.  Several are included at the back of the planner.  Remember, you can always print more and place them throughout your planner as needed!

9.  BONUS! Blank Checklist, Daily and Weekly Planner (undated)

Some bonus planning pages are included as a BIG THANK you for purchasing this planner!

These pages are optional and can be added to your or used on their own to create a new planner!

So what do you think?  If you love this planner head to my shop to download instantly and start planning today!

Thank you so much for visiting my blog!  Don't forget to comment below and let me know what you think.  Is there anything you would like to see added in future updates for this planner?

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