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How it all started...

I've always loved to write things down- I'm a list person!

I started having trouble remembering things while I was in college.  When I was taking notes in class I discovered that the act of writing something down actually helped me retain information better.  

My professors probably thought I was insane when I pulled out 15 different colored gel pens, but using pretty, colorful pens truly helped me be a better student.

I still use 15 different colored gel pens.

Sticky notes littered my desk!  

No really, I had about 30 different kinds of sticky notes and each one had it's own *special* purpose.  My sticky note system worked very well, but it was a little chaotic.  

Once I moved into an apartment and then a home I realized I couldn't place sticky notes all over the place.  I was an adult.  I needed a more practical system.

That's when I started creating lists and planners.  

I worked in a chemistry lab after college doing all sorts of experiments, projects and attending occasional meetings.  I had a lot of information and important codes to keep straight so I started working on Word and Excel.  

At first they were just simple, boring Word documents or spreadsheets to help keep me on schedule.  Then, through Pinterest, I discovered something called a "Household Binder."  

I wanted one... needed one... but I realized that I was already making my own planners.  I just needed to learn to use design software and make them a little more attractive. 

After playing around with some software tutorials and creating pages for a few days I was hooked!  

I created my first collection of Health and Nutrition printables and opened an Etsy shop in 2012.  My shop has gone from hobby to full-time career since!

Some say that planners should simply be functional and there's no need for decoration and style.  

I disagree.  

Attractive designs and colorful items make planning more fun for me and I'm much more likely to use a system that I enjoy. The best system is the one that works for you!  Try some FREE printables and see if my pages help you get more organized.

About Me

I'm a busy, work-at-home-mom and I have ADD.  

Things get a little crazy sometimes and I've come to realize that planning doesn't just help- it's essential.  

Without planning ahead and setting clear goals for the day I tend to just pace around my house and jump from task to task.

I've been developing systems, routines and planners to make my life easier and I hope my printables and advice can help you too!

Like I said, I'm a work-at-home-mom.  My Etsy shop has been open for 5 years now!

When I first started I had no clue what I was doing, but I kept trying and kept learning.  The amount of progress that I have made is crazy!  

My advice: Keep trying and keep taking little steps!  Don't get discouraged.  Remember to focus on progress and don't worry about trying to be perfect.

Starting an Etsy shop and growing it into a business has allowed me to say at home with my 2 boys.  

My oldest, Callan, is a future mountain climber and keeps me very busy every day!  He is also nonverbal autistic and has sensory processing disorder.  

I didn't know this when I opened my shop, but it worked out perfectly.  We were able to participate in therapy sessions during the day and he is able to go to half-day preschool during the school year, because of my flexible schedule!

Cameron is quite the handful!  He loves to roar at everyone like a dinosaur and feed spiders to his toys.  (Yeah, I know that's a little weird.)

This kid is always providing free entertainment and can sometimes even get a laugh out of Cal.  He's becoming an awesome brother and friend to his big bro.

My husband and I met in 2007 while I was a broke college student.  We've had so much fun over the years and I can't believe we've been together as long as we have.  Time flies!  

He's been very supportive of my late night printable design work and I can't thank him enough for helping me do something I love!

More about me...

►  I have a degree in Biology and am a former chemical lab tech.
►  I love all things health & fitness. I'm addicted to YouTube fitness channels.
►  I also love pizza and brownies.  It's called balance.
►  I played college volleyball.  I'm only 5'5", but played outside hitter.  I'm not sure I can jump like that anymore though :)
►  I'm secretly very disorganized- hence the need for printables and planners.  I'm a work in progress.

Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know me!  

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Wedding Photo - Sandals Resorts (highly recommend!)