Friday, August 26, 2016

NEW Printable Address Book with Tabs! Lots of Dots

Organize your contacts with this printable Address Book in Lots of Dots pattern!  Both Letter Size and A5 Address Books are included with this listing!  Purchase yours here or keep reading for more photos and info!
I've been meaning to create an address book for quite some time now.  I like to keep my phone numbers and addresses written down- not just in my phone- and my current address book is a little boring.
I wanted this Address Book to be fun, colorful and I really wanted the divider tabs to be bright and bold!  The tabs are a great size.  Not too big, but not so small that they're difficult to cut out and assemble.  Check out this blog post I wrote with photo instructions for my DIY tabs!
I also wanted to include a Perpetual Calendar to keep all of my birthdays and anniversaries with my Address Book.  These are great pages to keep track of and remember all of those special dates- especially those you may need to mail cards for!
Each Perpetual Calendar page includes 2 months and a bright color combination to keep things interesting!
Each letter has it's own divider page and colorful divider tab!
There are 13 different color combinations!  The address pages are colorful and functional.  There are 7 spaces per page for the letter size pages and 5 spaces for the A5 pages.  Each space includes a place to write in the person's Name, Birthday, Cell Phone #, Home Phone #, Address and Email.

I'm so happy with how this Address Book turned out!  I can't wait to start filling it out!  Get your copy of the printable Address Book in Lots of Dots pattern in my shop!
Comment below and let me know what planner and pages you would like to see in my shop!

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