Friday, April 8, 2016

Freebie: Daily Nutrition Log with Macros (A5 & Letter)

Here's a printable Daily Nutrition Log to help you get back on track!  Use this planner in your A5 or letter size planner or binder.
This planner page is a free addition to my new Fitness Planner (coming soon!)  It can be used with another planner or on it's own!  (This makes a great physical copy of your data from MyFitnessPal!)
I designed this planner page with lots of color and plenty of space to log your meals for the day.  Each meal space has 6 lines.  If you're eating more than 6 items or ingredients condense some into the same line.  For example, if you're putting a small amount of several vegetables on a salad just list all the items on one line along with their combined macros.
Download your...
A5 Daily Nutrition Log with macros
Letter Size Daily Nutrition Log with macros
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  1. Where did you get the binder that you are using in the pic?

    1. Hi Tricia! That is from! I love their planners!


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