Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Teacher Planner!

This version has been updated!  Check out the new look and 3 new designs here!


Looking for a colorful printable planner to keep you organized this school year?  The Teacher Planner (click here to purchase 2016-2017 Teacher Planner or 2016 Teacher Planner or 2017 Teacher Planner) includes all the essentials!
This planner features a mix of designs, patterns, fonts and colors.  Not only is it colorful; it's also functional!
Get your Teacher Planner for 2016-2017 here!
Get the 2016 Jan-Dec Australian version here!
Here's a peek at the index:
I'll go through each section in a little more detail and provide more photos and screen shots!


First, you get to choose from 2 covers- dark or light.  The lighter cover is the original pattern that I designed, but I thought a darker version would look great too!
This planner includes printable Divider Tabs in just about every color and a Divider Page spread with an optional goals page!

2014 . 2015

This section includes a Quick Reference Calendar dated August 2014 - July 2015 so you can check dates on one page.
It also includes a colorful Birthdays calendar to record all of your students' birthdays in one place!
You also get a Important Dates + Holidays spread to keep track of any other big days during the year!

Monthly Calendar Spreads!

Each month you get a dated, 2 page calendar with lots of little extras!  There's a To Do list, Goals list, Notes, Monthly Theme, and a 2 month quick reference preview!  There's also a Divider Tab and Divider Page for each month!


This section begins with a colorful Monthly Theme Planner!
The Lesson Planner spread is simple yet colorful.  I chose this layout to utilize space and make the most of your plan!  There are 7 subject spaces and a spot to record the week# or beginning date or each week. [ Lesson Planner pages are not dated. ]
I also included a simple Project Planner sheet so you can jot, sketch and plan your next project!


Every teacher needs a class roster!  This simple list features 32 name spaces with a colorful apple detail to match the cover!  Includes space for Last Name, First Name, Phone # and Notes space to record any important information like allergies.
Map out your seating chart using this Seating Chart grid!
Keep track of your students' attendance each day!
A simple Grade Tracker to match the Attendance Log!
This section includes lots of goodies!  You get a Password Log, Classroom Sign Out Sheet, Library Sign Out Sheet, Fees Checklist, Parent Communication Log, and Volunteer Sign Up Sheet!


You get 2 bold lists to keep track of all your BIG to do's and shopping list!


You get 3 different Notes Pages!

Bonus Items!

As an added bonus you get 2 FREE printables to help you plan your time!
The Weekly Planner with Meal Planning:
AND The Daily Grid Planner with times from 5:00am to midnight!  Also includes To Do, Goals and Notes sections!
You get all of this to help you get organized and stay on track!  A great planner for any teacher at a great price!

Get your printable Teacher Planner in my Etsy shop:
Click to purchase 2016-2017 Teacher Planner!
2016 Jan-Dec Australian version
2017 Jan-Dec Australian version

If you have any questions or need more details please contact me!


  1. Love the look of this planner! Curious as to how I would go about printing out the tabs?

    1. Hi Donna!
      You can see step-by-step instructions and photos (and download some free business planner divider tabs if you're interested) here:

  2. Donna, I was wondering the same thing. I want to make sure they hold up!

    1. Hi Mylie!
      You can see step-by-step instructions and photos (and download some free business planner divider tabs if you're interested) here:

  3. Do you have this for sale somewhere else besides Etsy? I was trying to find you on Teachers Pay Teachers, but no luck.

  4. Just wondering if you could tell me the font you use for the month names; January, February etc. I really like it but my PDF editor can't pick it up :( Thanks for such a colourful planner. :)

  5. On the lesson planner page, what are the dimensions on each block per subject?

    1. Hi there!
      Each space is 1.79" W x 1.50" H on the lesson planner pages if they are printed on letter size paper.


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