Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Free Printable: Weekly Cleaning Schedule and Daily Checklist Planner Page

Another great printable for you!  I created this colorful cleaning schedule and checklist as part of a new planner I'm working on!  I thought I would give you guys a sneak peek!  Download your FREE Cleaning Schedule Checklist!
The Schedule is Monday-Sunday and each day features a different color!  There are 6 spaces to write in your own cleaning tasks (or anything really) and a checkbox to mark each one off when you're done!
I usually place my cleaning schedule in a protective sheet cover and write on it with a wet erase (doesn't rub off like dry erase if you want to store it in your binder) marker.  I'm planning to laminate one and place it on my fridge for easy use.  

Print your FREE Cleaning Schedule and Checklist and add it in your binder or display it on your fridge!  Just follow the link and press the orange download button!

Thank you so much for visiting!

Do you use a Cleaning Schedule?


  1. Scribed wants me to pay to download this. :(

    1. Hi Jenny!

      I'm so sorry about that! Scribd changed their policy without my knowledge. I've switched to Google Docs and everything is free and ready for download again!

  2. I may have to invest! I've recently realized that I've been getting really excited over things like this,Thanks for posting this sort of information that's truly helpful and fruitful as well for me!
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  3. Nicole -

    Where did you get the super cute little sticky tabs? Like the arrows, banner, etc? Thanks!


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