Monday, February 17, 2014

Featured Printable: The Ultimate Grocery List (with Categories!)

Who doesn't make a list when they go grocery shopping?  The last thing you want to do is forget something.  If you go to the store with an organized list and a plan you're much less likely to have to make multiple grocery trips.  Here's a colorful printable editable grocery list with categories and checkboxes!  **Digital Download Only**
My personal preference is to divide my list into categories.  This way I'm not running back and forth through the store and wasting time.  I used to make one grocery list and then rewrite my list in order so I didn't forget anything.  Having a list with categories allows you to create one list with everything in it's place.  You can hang this list on your fridge and just add to it each day.  When you're ready to go to the store your list is ready and you know what you need!
I've also included a large miscellaneous section at the bottom of the list.  Sometimes you need more than just groceries.  You can add cleaning supplies, paper products and pharmacy items to your list and still stay organized!

Purchase The Editable Ultimate Grocery List with Categories in my shop for $3.00 as an Instant Download!
The non-editable version of this printable is included in The Mom Planner (147 page home management binder!) and Household Binder.

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