Monday, March 25, 2013

How To Organize Your Home On A Dollar Store Budget

I've spent hours upon hours pinning organization projects on Pinterest.  You can literally make any space a work of art with wicker baskets and acrylic dividers.  Some of these projects are truly beautiful.  I get excited and start searching for the same items online and find that to complete a simple kitchen drawer organization project could cost $100 or more!
As much as I would love to have the most beautiful kitchen drawers on the block I just can't justify spending that kind of money on drawer organization.  Most of these blogs and websites that feature these projects are making money off of the views they get.  The more beautiful the project the more views they get and the more money they make to spend on the next project.
This is one of the best looking drawers I have ever seen!  I would love for my kitchen drawers to look like this!  Yes!

I got all excited and started searching the internet for items to recreate this look.  I started with the contact paper- simple enough to find and affordable.  I was pumped!
But then I started pricing out the acrylic drawer dividers... and my dreams were crushed.

As much as the crazy, pretty drawer fan in me wanted them I just couldn't do it.  A medium size container can cost $6.00.  Affordable.  But you probably need more than one. The cheap acrylic containers I found were not nearly as attractive and the cost still added up.  Bummer.

If you're making money off of your projects you can justify spending more, but for those just looking to get organized these projects are just not practical.
Spend more on items your guests will actually see!  No one is browsing through your bedroom closet or underneath your bathroom sink.  If they are; they'll probably think you're insane if you have $50 Pottery Barn baskets in there.  Those belong out in the open where they can be appreciated.  Simple plastic containers belong under sinks, in closets, and separating all your drawer goodies.

Regardless of how much you spend on organization supplies just being organized will make all the difference.  When you open a kitchen cabinet and everything is in its place it looks impressive.  The goal here is function.  You want to cut down on clutter, keep everything in its place and achieve an overall look of neatness.  It doesn't have to cost a million dollars to look like a million dollars.
Even if you don't buy your tubs and baskets at the dollar store you can find affordable items anywhere. Don't buy the $15 soda can holder for your fridge- find a similar plastic holder that will serve the same purpose.  The price for specialty items like this will always be higher.

Designer desk organization sets can be costly.  What do you really need?  A few items to keep your desk in order.  Something to hold small items like paper clips.  Look for clean, simple items that can look more expensive than they really are.  You can always add creative touches to items to make them fit your style.  You can buy metal mesh organizers and spray paint them a fun color or line plastic paper organizers with patterned contact paper.  I found this brushed chrome pencil cup at my local dollar store!
Craft stores are a great place to find decorative baskets.  Joann Fabrics has tons of baskets and they're usually on sale.  Look for coupons in the mail or sign up for their app on your phone.  Hobby Lobby, Michael's Craft Store and Home Goods are also good options, but you can find a deal anywhere.  Just be sure to snatch them up when the price is right!

[ Bonus: I love giving gifts in containers.  Baskets and storage bins for baby showers are the best!  Not only are you giving a gift, but you're also giving them a bag, basket or bin they can use to store all their new baby stuff in rather than a paper bag they'll throw away. ]

If you get a good deals on expensive items you can gradually replace less attractive items until your space has that designer blog look without the designer blog cost.
I'll share my dollar store organization solutions and projects with you!  Check back for projects and deals!  In the meantime visit your local dollar store or discount store and see what you can find!

Thank you for reading!

Do you have a dollar store organization solution or project you would like to share?  If you would like your project featured on my blog contact me at!


  1. Great Ideas. Now if you can tell me where to find cheap clear containers for the fridge, besides the expensive ones at Crate & Barrel, that would be wonderful

    1. dollar tree and dollar stores have lots to choice from.

    2. I know exactly which containers you're talking about! I have not been able to find plain, clear acrylic containers. The best I've found have ridges on the bottoms and look cheap. Your best bet is to buy them one at a time as you can afford OR only buy a few nice ones and supplement with cheapies from the dollar store.

    3. you might try buying something that comes in an plastic container that suits your need.

  2. You are so right about how expensive organizing CAN be; but it doesn't have to be. I like to think about what I would spend the money on if I didn't spend it on fancy bins. If you're gonna spend extra money, treat yourself to something you'll really enjoy! Thanks for the article!

    1. Absolutely! There are better things to spend your extra money on. You work hard for your money... it shouldn't be sitting in the back of a closet somewhere.

  3. I have a large drawer in my wardrobe that I have filled with different baskets like your green ones in your drawer organisation photo. I put like things with like things. One holds everyday makeup, another the party makeup like eyeshadow, another for all things nails, another all things footspa etc. On my dressing table I have my jewellery in china butter dishes, sandwich plates and small crystal dessert bowls that were hidden away in my mother's kitchen cupboards. So don't forget to look in all your cupboards (or your mother's) to find new uses for almost anything!

  4. tj maxx carries a lot of hard acrylic containers on the cheap

  5. I tend to recycle food containers - the ones which are strong and sturdy, like for ready meals and take out. Free too!


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