Monday, July 17, 2017

The Printable Teacher Planner in 3 Designs!

I'm so excited to finally show everyone what I've been working on!  I wanted to give my Teacher Planner a little makeover this year and I ended up creating 3 designs- a new take on the original Apple, Colored Pencil and Lots of Dots.

Read on for more photos, sample and information about all of the printable teacher goodies I have in my shop!  [ Updated for each school year! ]

First, let's talk about the designs.  When I decided to update the Apple pattern I had originally planned to just replace it with a new theme- Colored Pencils!  In the end, I decided 2 designs were better than 1!

Several customers have said they love the planner, but would like a design that was colorful and not as focused on the apple print.  I took my Lots of Dots pattern and created a third design for those who aren't digging the Apples or Pencils.

I'm going to give a sample of the pages for all 3 designs, but keep in mind each design has its own listing and the photos on the listings can be zoomed.

* What's Included in Your Planner?

Each planner starts with a themed index page so you know exactly what's included and where you can find it in your planner!

Let's go through each section, the bonus items and other related items in my shop!

1.  2017-2018: Planning Pages

The 2017-2018 section starts with a Year-on-1-page for the last half of 2017 and all of 2018.  I was able to fit in a blank notes section if you want to jot anything down or create a key.

There is a Birthdays to Celebrate spread and an Important Dates and Holidays spread so you can write down all of those special days that'll you'll need to remember this year.

2.  August 2017 - July 2018 Calendar Spread with Monthly Tabs

For the Teacher Planner I always condense the weekend spaces to give extra room for planning on the right side.  The calendars run Monday-Friday and include light lines to help you write neatly.

This year I decided to alternate monthly colors so each month looks a little different!  The days of the week colors are consistent, but the month header and months ahead will match their tab colors.

3.  TEACH: Theme Planner, Lesson Plans and Blank Project Planners

The Lesson Planning section starts out with a monthly theme planner page with colorful, lined boxes for each month and a lined lesson planning notes page.

I know how important lesson planning is so I redesigned these pages to include more space!  The planner runs Monday-Friday down the left side and has 7 spaces for subjects at the top.  

The boxes are lined with an alternating light/dark color and each space is approximately 1.93" H x 1.82" W.

Themed project planner pages are also at the end of this section.  The page is blank and each design has a different design!

4.  CLASS: Class Roster, Seating Chart and Attendance Log

The class roster sheet includes 32 space with last name, first name, phone # and notes spaces.  You'll also get a grid seating chart page so you can sketch out your classroom seating arrangement!

Track your students attendance with this colorful attendance log!

5.  GRADES:  Grade Tracking Pages

The grade tracker matches the attendance log design but gives a little more space to write down the assignment name at the top.  

If you need more of these pages (or any pages in the planner) just select the page range and print more!  The beauty of a printable planner is you can print as many pages as you need.

6.  TRACK IT: Passwords, Classroom Sign Out, Library Sign Out, Fees, Parent Communication and Volunteer List

The Track It section starts with a password log that includes 8 spaces.  You can always print another page if you have more accounts!  A classroom sign out sheet is included so you can keep track of what has been taken home and when it is returned.

Keep a record of borrowed books with the library sign out sheet and make sure everyone has paid for that field trip with the fees checklist!

Make notes during parent meeting and phone calls and ask for volunteers to help out!

7.  LISTS: BIG To Do List and Shopping List

These BIG colorful checklists are perfect for keeping a running list for your classroom!

8.  NOTES: Themed Notes Pages

There are 3 different notes page designs at the back of each planner that coordinated with them overall design- each planner is different!

9.  BONUS! Daily and Weekly Planner Pages

Some bonus planning pages are included as a BIG THANK you for purchasing this planner!

These pages are optional and can be added to your or used on their own to create a new planner!

Custom Covers Available

Along with the Teacher Planners there are 4 custom cover designs to choose from in the Teacher section of my shop.  Just choose a pattern, leave your personalization info at checkout and your custom cover will be emailed to you!

So what do you think?  If you love this planner head to my shop to download instantly and start planning today!

Thank you so much for visiting my blog!  Don't forget to comment below and let me know what you think.  Is there anything you would like to see added in future updates?

Monday, July 10, 2017

2017-2018 Teacher Planner Designs Coming Next Week!

This year I've given the Teacher Planner a little makeover and added 2 new designs!  I've simplified some of the page layouts, made more room for filling in the lesson planner spread and added more color.  You'll love the 2017-2018 version of this planner!

I took the original apple pattern and created a fun new design!  It will still have all of the same great pages as before, but with a cleaner style.  The new designs are also easier to resize to fit any planner you like!  Read here for more information about resizing printable planner pages.

These cute little colored pencils started as a simple page design detail and I decided to turn them into their own planner!  Colored pencils can be found on the calendar, lesson planner and sprinkled throughout the pages.  The Pencil version of this planner is fun and colorful much like the Apple design.

I had a few requests from high school and middle school teachers who wanted an equally fun, but slightly more grown up version of the planner.  I took my Lots of Dots pattern and created a design that's colorful and will work well for those teaching at a secondary level.

All 3 designs will be released in my shop next week!  I'll be announcing a specific date and more details on Instagram and Facebook later this week!

Thank you so much for visiting my blog!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

FREEBIE: March 2017 Calendar + Declutter Your Life!

Happy March!  Download this FREE printable calendar page [ Letter Size + A5 Size ], start planning your month and read on for this month's theme!
This month's theme is Decluttering Your Life!  Every spring I like to do some deep cleaning and reorganizing, but this year I've decided to dedicate the entire month of March to decluttering my home, computer, and life in general before I even think about cleaning!

It's amazing how much stuff we can accumulate and how much junk we hold onto!  I found some lists of Things to Throw Away on Pinterest and I realized things have gotten out of control again.

Here are some ideas of the different areas I plan to work on decluttering this month--

1. Straight up junk.  

Some of the stuff cluttering my home is going to be very easy to get rid of.  It's stuff I don't need and can easily throw away or recycle.  This is where I'm going to start.

Old magazines, expired makeup and products, random hair ties that are stretched out, old receipts that I don't need... all easy to get rid of!  Keep it simple and start with the easiest stuff first.

2. Things I can donate.

This category is a little more tricky.  These items aren't junk, but you don't need them.  It can be hard to part with these items and you may move slower during this process.  

Last year I donated most of my clothing so I don't need to go through that again.  I do need to go through all of my kids' clothing, baby gear and toys.  Here's the donation list I used!

Donating takes time, because you need to set the items aside, sort, fold, make a list (for tax purposes) and either drop the items off or schedule a pickup date.  You can also sell these items online, at a resale shop or have a garage sale.  This will likely take the most time so schedule accordingly.

3. Computer files and photos.

This can take some time if you have a lot of files, but it's nice to clear out all of the stuff you don't need, free up space on your hard drive and reorganize your desktop.

You can search and sort your files by file size and eliminate the largest junk files first or you can just go through each folder and choose files randomly.

You can use this FREE Calendar to schedule your month and your decluttering projects!  March is the beginning of Spring Cleaning so get a jump on things by clearing out unnecessary items first.  Next month we'll move on to cleaning.

What are your decluttering or cleaning plans for March?  Are there home projects you always schedule for March?

Download Your Free...